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Guaifenesin For Coughs & Congestion 0

Guaifenesin For Coughs & Congestion

Does a cold have you congested and coughing? Do you have an earache or think you might have bronchitis? I have help for you. We sell a cough syrup from Naturade called Expec. Expec’s...

Astaxanthin – A Powerful Antioxidant 0

Astaxanthin – A Powerful Antioxidant

How would you benefit from taking astaxanthin? It is one of the most powerful antioxidants on any health food store shelf. Let me give you the lowdown on this virtually unknown supplement that I...

Gripe Water 1

Gripe Water

Are you at your wits end with your colicky baby?  Are you thinking there is nothing natural that can help?  Well, let me turn you on to Gripe Water. Gripe Water is a natural...