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Echinacea & Goldenseal for Sinusitis

Written by Doreen on January 06, 13 - 2 Comments

Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinus cavities.  They become clogged when too much mucus builds up and they cannot drain efficiently.  Pressure builds in the sinuses and pain occurs.  Symptoms may include pain behind the forehead, on one or both sides of the nose or cheeks, even top molars can feel the pain from the pressure built up in the sinuses.

So what can you do to combat sinusitis?

Echinacea is a great antibiotic.  Unlike an antibiotic you get from your medical doctor, this natural antibiotic will only send white blood cells to the area infected. So, for those of you who worry about destroying good flora in your digestive tract when taking a conventional antibiotic, you can push your worries aside.

Try a liquid extract from Herb Pharm or Eclectic Institute.  Eclectic has different flavors. I love the way they numb the tip of your tongue when put directly in your mouth.  (You don’t need to dilute with another liquid.)  I recommend the capsules from either of these company’s or from Oregon’s Wild Harvest.

Goldenseal is another herb that works well for sinusitis.  If you only take one herb for sinusitis let it be goldenseal, but, alternating the two herbs (echinacea and goldenseal) will work best for you. Goldenseal, like echinacea, fights inflammation and infection but has a cleansing property and also strengthens the respiratory system.  It is not recommended to take goldenseal for more than a week at a time.  In my experience, you won’t even need them for more than a week. They will work quickly if you buy quality products.

2 Comments for this post

Leslie said:
4:27 26.11.2013

Can I use Echinacea goldenseal extract in a Neti pot for cleaning/disinfecting sinuses?

Doreen said:
12:15 9.12.2013

Goldenseal is very beneficial when used in a netty pot. However, Goldenseal is more useful when it is used topically.

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