Konjac Root / Glucomannan – 100% Fiber

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3 Responses

  1. marygenebyrd says:

    What are the side effects of Konjac (Glucomannan)

  2. Doreen Baker says:

    Glucomannan is water soluble so it is very safe. The only thing you have to remember is to drink a lot of water with glucomannan. Fiber always needs water to work effectively.
    So, to answer your question. There are no side effects; just side benefits.
    Thanks for your question.


  3. Karen McCord says:

    Can you tell me if glucomamman blocks the absorption of any other supplements that are also suppose to be take before a meal? The glucomamman says to take 30-45 minutes before a meal and another supplement I take recommends to take it 15 minutes before a meal!

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